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keep your number without any hassles

Switch to webe and keep the same number for never-ending data, calls and SMS by visiting webe lounge or just switch online at your convenience.

how to switch

It's easy and it's free!

step 1

Select your webe mobile plan.

step 2

Add it to your shopping cart. If you want a phone as well, bundle it and checkout.

step 3

Select "keep your number" during checkout. Your new webe SIM will be delivered to you between 1-3 working days. Continue using your current SIM until it becomes inactive.

step 4

We will process and port your number within 1-5 working days, subject to clearance from your current service operator.

step 1

Just visit any webe lounge in Penang (Queensbay Mall), Bandar Sunway (Sunway Pyramid) or Johor Bharu (JBCC). Bring along your identification documents as well (NRIC/Passport).

step 2

Look out for our representative and we will help you on your request.

step 3

Continue using your current SIM card until it becomes inactive.

step 4

Swap to your new webe SIM card once it's activated.

switching out to #webemobile?

We know you may have some questions, so we made a video to help you out!

Here's what you need to know before you switch

  • Ensure your mobile line is active without any outstanding balance or tied to any remaining contract. The porting of any prepaid line of your choice to webe is allowed, as long as your credit has not expired and your line stays active.

  • Ensure that all the numbers you wish to switch are registered under the same MyKad, which was used when you created an account with us.

  • If you have sublines attached to your current plan: You are required, to port all lines and complete it within a single transaction. This means you will need to add the (X) number of webemobile, plan to cart before you continue.

  • If you have multiple numbers with different telcos: You have to port all the numbers in different transactions, as we are unable to process multiple requests in one transaction.

get ready to see every emotion with never-ending data!

Get it now for only RM79*!

never-ending data

free local calls & SMS 

no contract

free express delivery

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