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connect your home instantly
Pair your webe broadband with a WiFi modem and share up to 10 devices for a combined 30GB at home.

get 10GB plus free 20GB for limited time
WiFi and share up to 10 devices at home.
enjoy the LTE experience everyday
per month

Looking for a simple, lean and quick home broadband?
Look no further. We have this sorted for you.

We are constantly improving our network so you get more of the good stuff. Get comfy and sit back with less time waiting. In a hyper connected world, we get you connected instantly at home.

no contract
free cancellation
free express delivery
shipped in next working day
24/7 customer service
always on

here are some things you need to know about webebroadband®

webebroadband® can be used on these devices and tablets

We made it easy for you to get connected at home.
Use your own LTE supported device or tablet. Insert webe broadband SIM and power your device to connect.

what is LTE supported devices and tablets?

Devices and tablets that operate in LTE bands 5,
38 and/or 40. If unsure, do check for specifcation details that came with the device and tablet.

Price does not include 6% GST
Terms and Conditions apply

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