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exploring the world?

Put it in the palm of your hand.

we go wherever you go

Want to stay in touch with your friends and families wherever you are? Enjoy endless data roaming for top 18 selected destinations around the world for only RM39 per day.

direct calls

receiving calls



To Malaysia


To Other Countries


Data Operator


Activating International Roaming is a piece of cake*. We’ve got several ways you can do it:

  • Through Self Care
  • Calling us at 6011 1000 1000
  • At any webe lounge

And before you go, make sure you:

  • Activate International Roaming
  • Increase your credit limit to avoid any service disruption
  • Deactive your apps to avoid any unnecessary charges
  • Settle all outstanding bills

Enjoy your trip!

*We'll need a deposit of RM 300.00 to turn on International Roaming

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